Work From Home: Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Solution

Work From Home: Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Solution

Does your business have a work from home solution to tackle any challenge? Because you never know what difficult situations may be thrown at your business (hello, COVID-19), having a work from home solution can save your business time, money, and peace of mind. With a cloud solution, your organization won’t lose time figuring out how your employees can work remotely. Instead, you’ll be ready for any circumstances that may arise with a solid, safe plan.

Your business can also save money by cutting out energy costs, which is already better for the environment and can have more efficient employees who can be ready to remote in at any time with remote workers netting an average of 17 more days of work a year.

Remote work doesn’t have to be a backup plan at this point. In fact, Global Workplace Analytics projects that in the next two years 25% to 30% of the workforce will work from home more than one day a week. It’s a new norm, and with an ever changing world, correctly implemented cloud solutions are essential to your company to remain productive through any obstacles thrown your way.

Four Benefits of Working Remotely with Cloud Solutions

One of the biggest hang-ups businesses may worry about is the idea that working from home will eat into an employee’s productivity. Meanwhile, remote employees worry they’ll eat everything in their fridge. Don’t fret--once your remote employees learn how to work from home and manage their time, they are actually more productive according to a nearly two-year Stanford study. Along with productivity, cloud solutions can offer many other useful benefits to your business.


Before cloud solutions, if your organization needed more data storage, you would physically need to create more space for server rooms, which can be a huge burden. The cloud is the cost-effective, easy solution. There is no need to throw your money away to physically expand or add additional hardware and maintenance.

Your business can easily scale up or down data depending on business requirements because cloud solutions have a smaller physical blueprint due to their virtual nature. This scalability allows your business to grow without the worry about the physical storage for your data, which is why it’s one of the primary reasons why businesses make the switch to the cloud. There are no restrictions with the cloud.


Just because you don’t physically meet in an office doesn’t mean your company must sacrifice good old-fashioned teamwork. DevOps improves communication and helps employees work from home while continuing their project collaboration. When workstations can be accessed remotely, groups can work simultaneously off the same data on the cloud without the need to be in the same physical space. This means real-time updates to the same projects and access to the same large files. Add in messaging tools like Slack and video conferencing like Zoom to ensure your messages will never be missed.  


Businesses and people alike are concerned with their data security. Because the cloud isn’t necessarily a tangible concept (as opposed to server rooms), you may be wondering how your data will stay safe. The answer to that is encryption. In simpler terms, encryption is the process of making data more secure by converting it into a code with complex algorithms. Only authorized users with a decryption code can access the data.

Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Imagine your work desk… but at home. An introvert’s dream! According to OWL Labs research, 80% of employees would like to work from home at least some of the time. Work from home jobs allow more flexibility, cut out a stressful commute, can decrease in childcare costs, and offer the ever so sought-after work-life balance. Employees are more likely to be actively engaged in their jobs and want to stay in their current position. According to that same study by OWL Labs, employees who work remotely say they’re 29% happier with their jobs than on-site workers. Wouldn’t you be happier with that adorable kitten poster in plain sight free from your coworkers’ judgement?

Upgrading to Work from Home

You may be worrying—is my current server too old to work remotely? It’s not impossible—it just needs to be done right. Laying down a foundational blueprint beforehand will ensure data migration goes smoothly. With enough planning and a tailored cloud solution, we can retire your old server and bring you into 2020 with secured, scalable options to fit your unique business needs.

It’s time to begin planning a solid work from home policy, which we will be covering in a later blog. As a jumpstart, research and plan how to best boost your employees’ performance and hammer out specific business expectations. You already know that your employees can collaborate and communicate more efficiently, but you’ll need to figure out what peak times they should be available. Are there specific times or days that your clients prefer meeting? Where does lunch factor in?

Humans like routine so formulating some sort of structure within work from home flexibility will maximize employee happiness. Strategize these policies beforehand to guarantee a successful cloud migration leap.

What are You Waiting For?

There’s no time like now. Seriously, with the Coronavirus outbreak, work from home options are vital to your business. Code Authority offers creative, customizable cloud-based solutions. Retire your server room and switch to a modern, Azure-based solution today. Contact us for a free project estimate!