Why You Should Take a Scrum Training Course in Dallas

Why You Should Take a Scrum Training Course in Dallas

Have you thought about becoming a Certified Scrum Master, Developer, Product Owner, or Scaling Scrum? Make this the year you or your team reach your professional goals, such as obtaining one of these industry-recognized certifications!

Improving offers hands-on training solutions centered on Scrum, test-driven development, Agile, and more. We do this so your business can build stronger teams and solve general development issues, such as managing role expectations and handling urgent change requests.

If you’re ready to take the next steps in building up your individual or team’s skills, check out this post detailing why you should take a Scrum training course in Dallas at Improving, Scrum.org’s largest training partner in North America.

Scrum Courses Offered in DFW

Scrum courses offered at seven of Improving’s locations – including Dallas – range from half-day to three-day sessions where individuals and teams can learn and become certified. We offer several training courses that fall under the following categories: workshops, certifications, teams, and development.


Workshops are meant to offer teams and individuals the instruction needed to drive employee performance. Teams of business professionals earn their Scrum certifications for a variety of reasons, so we offer half-day to one-day workshops based on developing certain competencies.

Some of the skills you can develop with Scrum Training include:

  • Complex problem solving
  • Adaptability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Rapid decision making
  • Focus

We offer workshops that aid in enhancing team dynamics, developing leadership values, and more. Some of the workshops offered at Improving are:

  • Agile Leadership Workshop
  • Behavior Driven Development Workshop
  • Agile Team Dynamics


One way to show growth and progression in your career is by obtaining an industry-recognized certification. Some of the courses attendees can earn a certification at Improving include:

  • Professional Scrum Developer Certifications
  • Professional Scrum Master Certifications
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification

Improving is a distinguished member of the Scrum.org Professional Training Network (PTN), and we follow the high-quality standards of Scrum.org when teaching Scrum fundamentals and structure.

Although people can earn Professional Scrum Certifications online at Scrum.org, we believe the face-to-face learning model and interaction opportunities offered in person provide added value for individuals and teams alike.


Whether your group is starting a new project together or is looking for a way to boost productivity, communication, etc., team training is a great option for you!

You might already know a little about Scrum teams; as a refresher, each Scrum team is made up of a:

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Development Team

So, if you or your employees want or need to play any one or more of these roles, Improving’s consultants can help your business develop or maintain a team that’s highly capable of collaborating on complex projects.

Some of the team Scrum courses offered at Improving include:

  • Agile Team Dynamics
  • Professional Scrum Foundations
  • Lean Kanban Immersion

Our team of experts teach individuals and groups in both public and private classes, so you can choose the setting that works best for you or your team’s learning style.


People looking to enhance specific areas of their career can find a variety of courses within our development category. From quality assurance to creating object-oriented solutions, these instructor-led courses help attendees gain knowledge and experience while expanding their current skill sets.

We offer training focused on specific skill sets at Improving such as:

  • Professional Scrum Developer Certifications
  • Developing with React
  • Acceptance & Test-Driven Development

Get Scrum Certified

We want to help you improve your capabilities as a professional, which is why we offer hands-on training and industry-recognized certification courses. Our Scrum consultants can help you and your team with workshops, certifications, teams, and development training courses – the first step to take is signing up for a session.

Each class has an intended audience, agenda (for multi-day courses), and key takeaways attendees can review before signing up. Here are a few of our featured courses:

Contact us about Scrum training today to learn more about group discounts and private training! Our training sessions and class schedules may be found on the training section of our website. There, you can also find course descriptions, pricing information, and more.