Software & Tech Consulting During Covid-19

Software & Tech Consulting During Covid-19

As our economy aims to recover from the current global pandemic, many organizations are struggling to recapture the status quo pre-COVID. Small and medium-sized businesses have especially been impacted by the outbreak. However, smart businesses with clean balance sheets are mitigating the economic downturn by taking advantage of discounted technology consulting costs.

Rather than hording cash waiting for a return to normalcy, now is the time to invest in innovation so your business can come out ahead in a post-Coronavirus economy.

How Can Tech Consulting Help Your Business?

Just because the economy is in disarray, doesn’t mean your business has to hold back. Application development, digital marketing, tech consulting, IT staffing, etc. are more cost-effective than ever. Develop new goals or reach for the ones your organization already made. There are many benefits to capitalizing on software consulting.

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Be More Efficient & Productive

Whether your business wants to develop a software solution, develop a mobile application, or migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, hiring a tech consultant can give your business a competitive advantage.

Capitalizing on discounted services means your organization can be more productive as you’re ramping up business. For example, a custom software solution or mobile application can automate operational processes, freeing up human capital. This allows your business to focus on big picture items rather than performing monotonous tasks.

Tech consultants are trained to find new avenues to improve efficiency that will help your business succeed by planning, implementing, and managing new technologies.

Collaborate With Experts

Let’s face it—we’ve all wanted an expert opinion at some point. The chance to sit down and get an objective perspective from a team with years of experience and expertise is just what your business needs to execute an effective digital transformation.

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You’ll be able to flesh out ideas you’ve been sitting on as well as gain insight from subject matter experts that you may not have realized. It is vital for business owners to be informed so speaking with experts is the perfect way to see the light.

Keep Your Data Secure

One of the biggest concerns that businesses have is protecting their sensitive data. From security breaches to fraud, it is important to keep your data safe.

Tech consultants can help your business secure your information to prevent or quickly diagnose and stop potential attacks. They can help you set up preventative services like authentication and authorization settings or help you migrate from a traditional server room to an encrypted cloud solution.

Save on Costs

Aside from the major cost savings from currently discounted prices, working with tech consultants can save you money in the long term and give you access to resources you may not have otherwise, such as digital marketing SEO tracking tools or high-level software you may not need on a day-to-day basis.

Improving productivity and efficiency saves you time and saving time saves you money. Your consultants can be as involved as you need them once your project is complete. They can make periodic updates and perform maintenance and monitoring on an as-needed basis, so you don’t have to hire an IT staff to do this for you. Consulting firms often work on a pay per project or hourly basis, which allows you to be in control.

Even during times of uncertainty, the right strategies can have positive lasting impacts on your business. Don’t let your concepts slip away because of the difficult economic climate. Many prominent businesses actually got their start in an economic downturn.

Code Authority

Code Authority

Code Authority is a software development company in Frisco, TX with a history of helping clients succeed. We have worked with a variety of businesses from commercial construction to healthcare. Our creative team of professionals can help your business through software development, mobile app development, digital marketing, interactive UI/UX design, cloud solutions, and more.

We have lowered our prices to 2017 levels to meet the challenges facing our clients and to match economic reality. Our 2019 rate was $150 an hour, but we are now offering a 20% to 30% savings with long-term commitments.

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As we return to normalcy, only the savviest of firms will take advantage of this opportunity to transform their organization. Don’t wait to invest in your business for Q4 2020 through 2021 with this exclusive offer.

Our software development team can turn your ideas into cutting-edge technology. We can work with you to become more productive, efficient, and secure. Contact us today for a free consultation!