Ensuring Your Remote Workforce Stays Effective with Custom Software Solutions

Ensuring Your Remote Workforce Stays Effective with Custom Software Solutions

Small and medium-sized businesses had to think on their feet in response to the pandemic, shifting from a physical to a remote work environment. Some organizations still struggle to meet the mark it comes to work from home operations, and it is usually due to the software they use to run their daily business.

Many companies rely on off-the-shelf software to get their needs met. Though these platforms can work to a degree, it is likely there are some issues. Perhaps the biggest problem from ready-made software is loss of efficiency, and in today’s economic landscape, there is no room for decreased productivity and effectiveness.

Making the switch from an off-the-shelf software to a custom software solution can make all the difference when working from home. This blog will explain why a custom solution is the better option for a remote workforce.

Off-the-Shelf Software Pain Points

One of the main reasons why so many organizations choose off-the-shelf software is due to cost. Ready-made software typically has lower upfront costs than custom solutions. However, these platforms may end up losing you money with a crippling loss of efficiency.

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With an increasing demand for a remote workforce, a loss in efficiency can be the difference between a customer going with a competitor versus you. If your off-the-shelf software wasn’t equipped to handle all that a work from home ecosystem requires, you may have found yourself at a loss. If this software is even half as capable as a custom solution, you’ll likely lose the money you initially saved when purchasing it in the first place.

In attempts to salvage your software, you may have purchased other prebuilt platforms for the remote capabilities your existing system cannot handle. This comes with many devastating faults. The biggest failure of this additional software is compatibility issues. Because these two off-the-shelf systems were not meant to coexist with each other, they are incredibly ineffective and, oftentimes, downright unusable.

Off-the-shelf software is usually rigid and cannot adjust with you as your business grows or changes. If you had to make the switch to remote work, you are probably figuring that out. You may be trying different workarounds to make the software work for you, or, even worse, you may find that the off-the-shelf software is not meeting your remote requirements at all.

Benefits of Custom Software Solutions

Remote Workforce

There are numerous benefits to switching from off-the-shelf software to a custom solution. The following are benefits that are particularly beneficial to a WFH environment.

Adaptable & Scalable

Custom software is not only adaptable but scalable too. The issue with off-the-shelf software is its rigidity. There is no room for changes if your business grows or if you have different needs. Custom software is scalable, so no matter how large your company gets, you can update the software to fit your size.

Adaptability is also important because you never know what curve ball with be thrown your way. You may offer new services or have different requirements, such as remote capabilities. With a custom solution, your software will no longer hold you back. Think of it as a living system where changes can be made at any time.

Time Saving

Whether you’re in construction, healthcare, or anywhere in between, custom solutions can be tailored to your organization to save you time. If you have been relying on multiple platforms or even old-fashioned pen and paper, it is very likely it did not translate well to work from home settings.

Custom software can increase productivity by providing one central platform to fulfill all your business requirements. Instead of juggling through different systems or keeping track of data in different locations, you can rely on one system to get it all done. This also helps decrease human error, which can have costly consequences. The time saved can get you started on your next big project much quicker.


By having one central point where all information is stored and worked on, you can increase your collaboration because everyone is on the same page. This is particularly helpful in remote settings considering there are no options to just popping by someone’s desk to ask a question.

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One of the key things to remember is that the same off-the-shelf software you are using is also available to your competitors. The best way to gain a competitive advantage is by investing in a custom solution. Code Authority’s team of software developers can work with you to build a platform that can solve all your business problems and increase efficiency. Contact us today for a free project estimate!