How Plumbing Business Software Can Boost Efficiency

How Plumbing Business Software Can Boost Efficiency

After the winter storms in Texas last week, plumbing businesses across the state are in high demand. Millions of Texans went without water and power for days at a time, and bursting pipes meant many had to vacate their homes due to flooding. Texas plumbing companies are swamped with new jobs, and without effective plumbing business software, these organizations will struggle to run efficiently.

Many plumbing companies rely on off-the-shelf software to meet their daily business needs. Though these systems work, they usually have some shortcomings. Whether it is wasted time or human error, a custom plumbing software solution is an investment that pays off in the long run. This blog highlights common pain points in the plumbing industry and how custom software can solve these problems.

Pain Points in Plumbing Software

Plumbing software

Like other industries, such as commercial construction, there are pain points for plumbing businesses. You may be juggling between multiple software systems to complete simple tasks, or you may have created alternative solutions for yourself that aren’t always feasible.

These software problems typically lead to loss in efficiency. Loss of efficiency means loss in revenue, especially in the field of plumbing where time is money.


The estimation process is probably the biggest pain point for plumbers. It can be time consuming and tedious, and there is a lot of room for mistakes. When trying to operate multiple software systems that aren’t compatible, these errors can have costly consequences. There are many considerations plumbers must think about in their estimation, such as:

  • Materials needed
  • Hourly rate vs flat rate
  • Summary of project
  • Permits required
  • Timing estimate

With so many factors going into an estimate, it is absolutely necessary to be accurate and thorough while also being efficient, as to not waste time.

Project Management

Keeping track of multiple projects can be difficult as it is. Off-the-shelf software doesn’t always make project management easy either. Programs may lack integration so staff may have come up with their own workarounds. These alternatives leave lots of room for human error and lost data, which is never good managing a business.

Status updates may get caught in the pipeline. If you don’t have a cohesive system to keep everyone on the same page, both customers and staff themselves may having difficulties monitoring projects.

Customer Relations

Customer satisfaction is essential to the plumbing industry. Word of mouth means a lot, so making sure your customers are happy is vital. Customers can have difficulties explaining the problems they are having as they are unfamiliar with industry terms. It can be a bit of guesswork figuring out what your customers actually need.

Custom Plumbing Business Software

Plumbing software

Enterprise resource software (ERP) is a great option for plumbing companies. ERP solutions can help lighten your workload through improved collaboration, scalability, and streamlined processes.

A custom software solution can ease the pain of estimation by providing automation to the process. Automation allows individuals to calculate a cost estimate much quicker and easier. Many off-the-shelf software systems don’t do well when trying to make changes to a bid; however, a custom plumbing estimation solution can make edits effortlessly. You can change material or labor units, for instance, and the system will do a refresh.

If your company relies on specific documentation, automation can solve those problems too. The plumbing estimating software can translate your variables into a template. Instead of inputting data points into two separate systems, one cohesive, integrated system can do it all for you.

Custom software solutions make project management easier. Teams can collaborate much more effectively when they all have access to the same data. From time keeping and budgeting to organizing bids, there are many tasks that custom plumbing management software can do. Instead of using multiple systems for each individual task, you could have one to do them all.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software connects different departments and organizes your data so it’s simple to access. By managing customer requests, CRM software can connect with customers one-on-one with ease. With 86% of buyers willing to pay more for a better customer experience, customer satisfaction is invaluable. Personalization makes customers feel valued, and they will more likely recommend your company to others when they need repairs or renovations.

The plumbing industry is projected to grow 24% by 2024. With this growth comes more competition. You can give yourself an edge by running more efficiently than your competitors.

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