Benefits of ERP Software in 2020

Benefits of ERP Software in 2020

Benefits of ERP Software in 2020

A good enterprise must be efficient in order to grow. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers a suite of customizable applications that allow businesses to integrate and manage their most important processes. The entire flow can be controlled from one central database, saving your organization time, money, and the pain of juggling multiple software systems.

While developing custom software suites for businesses can be expensive (especially if said business is large), they’re also well worth it. This blog aims to cover the benefits of ERP solutions for scaling businesses that might be searching to consolidate their IT costs and find value in software for business.

What are Common ERP Solutions?

Common ERP Solutions

Instead of multiple systems that run separately to manage different business processes, an ERP solution consolidates them all into one business management platform for your entire organization. Let’s dive into the most common forms of enterprise resource planning software.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides end-to-end business management applications. It is primarily used for small and medium-sized businesses and can be used in conjunction with other Microsoft programs. Though it can cover a lot of company functions, Dynamics ERP excels in finances, human resources, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Software Integration | Software as a Service

As the name suggests, Oracle ERP Cloud is a cloud-based software that encompasses financial, manufacturing, procurement, and project management components. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that is scalable as your business grows. Being a cloud platform, Oracle is focused on data security and is an excellent option for collaborative needs.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

NetSuite is the #1 cloud-based ERP software. It’s an online service that allows an organization to manage all facets of business in a central location. NetSuite is flexible and most often used for financials, customer relationship, eCommerce, and inventory management.

When to Use an ERP Solution

Software Automation

ERP solutions have many global applications across multiple industries including healthcare, nonprofit groups, construction, and more. The most common users for ERP solutions are companies working within the supply chain to help keep track of manufacturing and distribution. ERP software should primarily be used when consolidating multiple moving parts. There are many signs that your business should make a switch.

Multiple Platforms for Different Functions

ERP solutions allow your organization to run most day-to-day business off one system alone rather than juggling different programs and spreadsheets. From HR and financial services to inventory management and sales, data can be stored securely in one location that can be accessed by many people.

Multiple platforms can result in a loss in efficiency. If your data is housed in many different locations, it becomes difficult to manage and slows you down. Even if the programs are easy to use, you still have to shuffle between them to get one desired outcome.

Decreasing Customer Satisfaction

Whether it be service errors, inventory discrepancies, or late deliveries, trying to handle multiple systems can affect customer satisfaction over time. An ERP system can manage inventory and delivery to help you avoid mistakes that result in loss of business. Your clients can expect to receive reliable service regardless of who they interact with. Enterprise resource planning can ensure that whoever they communicate with can give them the answers they need.

Additionally, if using CRM software, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can better engage with your patrons on a personal level and grow client relations with faster response times. CRM solutions can automate processes, send reminders and reports, and manage communication and interaction. This makes things easier for you and gives your customers the peace of mind that they can rely on your organization.

Plans of Growth

If your company is expected to grow, you want to make sure your software can keep up. ERP solutions are scalable, which means adding users and more data can be a reality and can keep pace with your business trajectory.

ERP solutions are customizable so with new business needs, your software can adapt and adjust to meet the needs of each department. It can process any new information that you give it including new users and remote devices. If your current platforms can’t handle a sudden increase of data, an ERP solution is a great option.

Benefits of ERP Solutions

Scalability ERP Solutions

Improved Collaboration

When everyone has access to the same data, it makes it easier to collaborate. ERP solutions allow you to bring your teams and departments together. Communication is easier when all parties are working off the same system and all functions of business move to and from the same database.

Reduce Cost

Improved efficiency goes hand in hand with reduced costs. Less time is spent on the same tasks—even freeing up human capital. This means you can rely on fewer people to get the same outcomes, which allows those employees to focus efforts elsewhere. You can allocate resources that would be spent hiring another person to departments that bring in more revenue.

Streamlined Processes

By eliminating repetitive processes, your organization can automate any number of business operations across departments. This will improve day-to-day activities for every team. ERP software will help give your organization a competitive advantage but working smarter – not harder.


As your company grows, you want a software that can grow with you. Whether you need more data or to add more users, enterprise resourcing planning solutions are the perfect way to get your needs met as your business expands. There is no concern to build an entirely new system.

Consolidate IT Infrastructure

Though the cost of ERP software can be an investment, it can unify your IT department to improve efficiency. Instead of wasting time and money on multiple platforms, you can unify your infrastructure into one system that your IT department can more easily manage.

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